Surefit Windows

Surefit Windows 10 Year Guarantee

Surefit Windows are not only about enhancing the look and value of your home but also about making your home more environmentally friendly.

All our windows of the highest quality and are installed by our highly experienced fitters who have over 30 years experience in the industry.

With the Surefit Windows 10 year guarantee you can be confident that you will receive the best service.

Surefit Windows Tilt & Turn Widnows

Tilt & Turn Windows

These dual-purpose windows are an increasingly popular choice here in the UK. Our Tilt and Turn Windows are ideal for providing extra ventilation or a fire escape opening and are easy to clean, enabling the outer pane of glass to be accessed from inside your home.

If you turn the handle once, the window will tilt inwards, allowing fresh air into your property. Turn the handle again and the window opens inwards.

Tilt and turn windows are also extremely secure, and like all of our windows they are also very energy efficient.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are the most popular window style across the UK. They open outwards and offer clear views from inside your home.

Casement Windows have unlimited options for bespoke customisation, and are are easy to maintain and clean.

Surefit Window Casement Windows
Surefit Windows Fully Revsible Windows

Fully Reversible Windows

Designed for ease of maintenance, the unique 180 degrees reversible action means you can clean the external glass on upstairs windows from the inside of your home, safely and securely.

Surefit Windows supply Fully Reversible Windows in a huge range of styles and options with additional features such as child restrictors. 

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Sash & Case Slider Windows

The Sash and Case Vertical Slider Window is the most traditional window style within the UK. It combines Georgian style and aesthetics, while providing the newest 21st century technology security and heat efficiency solutions.


Sash and Case windows are operated on a vertical slider, opening by a sliding motion from bottom to the top or from top to the bottom.


Surefit Windows Casement Windows
Surefit Windows Velux Window

Velux Windows

Velux roof windows can transform an otherwise dark space into a light filled room whilst also providing perfect ventilation.

Our experienced installers can advise you on the right style of velux window for your home.